What Bro’s Has To Say About The Retreats

First of all, thank you for an amazing weekend filled with joy and vulnerability! 🙂 I believe that the need for deep connections is greater than ever. To turn off our phones, let our guard down, and only talk about what truly matters. That's exactly what this weekend was about in my eyes. And to do it all in a beautiful natural setting with sauna, cold baths, exercise, relaxation, and good food truly made the weekend complete!

Thank you very much for an amazing weekend up in Järvsö.

First and foremost, you found a wonderful physical location - the energy with nature and the lake was really great.

It also felt like the perfect accommodation for the Bro Retreats theme, with a log cabin and a fireplace area and proximity to the lake and sauna.

But the most important thing was, of course, the mental space that was created.

I felt that through the various exercises you led, you created a safe space between all of us, where I could open up and come closer to myself and take another step in my direction.

I am incredibly grateful that there are passionate people like you who create and facilitate a space where inner exploration can exist.

This was my first retreat focused solely on men, which I must admit I had a little resistance to.

But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised as I felt that I could access and show additional sides of myself that I now realize have been partially inhibited when women have been present.

I highly recommend this to all men who are curious about developing from the inside out!

  • A paradigm shift in how I view both myself and my relationships.
  • 100% transformative.
  • This saved my marriage.
  • This has saved me from a lot of present and future pain.
  • The biggest sense of community I've experienced in a long time.

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